First-ever Bermuda Twitter Party reaches 720,000 timeline deliveries

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Bermuda's first-ever Twitter party was hosted last night by the Technology Leadership Forum.

Look at the stats below to see how impactful the event was. What a great success and fun and educational time had by all.

A special thanks to Coral, Hanna and Chris for their hard work and sound ideas to make this event possible. Also the founders and long term supporters for TLF: Dion Tucker, Ronnie Viera, Vickie Coelho and of course the support from Bermuda government Marissa Stones and Nancy Volesky.  Past sponsors that are hopefully renewed and we look forward to welcoming new corporate sponsors.

We need help to help promote and advance our cause, we need corporate support, we need to find students and most importantly we need to connect these elite students completing our programs together with these sponsoring companies.  Lets get Bermuda working toward ICT leadership by learning, doing and repeating it over again.

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