Have you heard about Quantum SRS?

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While we took some time to introduce Quantum SRS to Bermuda last year, it still feels like our best kept secret!  We'll be out talking about it again in 2013 but we thought we'd start with a reminder here.

Quantum SRS is a Nova product, designed alongside Argus Insurance to simplify management and streamline administration of your shareholders.  Whether publically or privately traded, companies have a requirement to manage their shareholders and audit transactions in order to have the appropriate information ready for their yearly submissions to the Registrar of Companies.  There’s then all the corporate actions to manage such as dividend payments, proxy voting and managing restricted shares.  Quantum SRS drastically simplifies this, saving you time and providing peace of mind that everything is compliant.  Better still, it integrates with the Bermuda Stock Exchange taking that data directly into the system.

We've got some more information on the website or you can read specifically how we helped Argus.

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