Local Tech Group’s Event To Discuss Data

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Nova are active supporters of the local .NET user group and are pleased one of our senior developers, Toby Crawford, will be presenting at the next session.

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Businesses in Bermuda process vast quantities of data daily to influence decision making, report on business, support customers and much more. Bermuda’s local ‘.NET User Group’ is running an event on October 17th to look at data persistence and retrieval.

This session will allow attendees the opportunity to discuss various data access technologies and persistence frameworks, with an aim to uncovering which is best for different situations and circumstances.

Toby Crawford [pictured], Senior Developer at the local software consultancy company Nova, will be hosting the event.

Mr Crawford, a Microsoft Certified Professional, spends his days at Nova consulting with local clients to design, develop, test and document complex applications to meet their specific needs.

Prior to working at Nova, Mr Crawford spent 10 years working in the UK, most recently at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and previously at RBS GBM.

Since coming to the island a year ago he’s worked on a number of client projects where their database has been significant to the project, so it seemed like a good topic to bring to the .NET User Group.

Mr Crawford explains, “Data is core to most software projects we work on. While I’ve worked extensively with SQL Server and some of the complementary tools, I’ve not have the opportunity to compare and contrast with the alternatives. In my experience, that’s not uncommon for many developers. I’ve enjoyed putting this session together and look forward sharing what I’ve learnt.”

The session will compare relational, document and key/value databases to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each, so attendees are left in a better position to make informed decisions for their future projects and get the best results.

Fans of SQL Server, MongoDB and Redis should attend to offer their opinions as Mr Crawford intends this to be an interactive session with attendees contributing to the discussion.

The event is being held on Wednesday 17th October, 5:30-8:00pm and is open to all. The event is offered for free thanks to sponsors Argus, Burrows and Lightbourn and Buzz who have all contributed this this event.

If you’d like to join the Core Organising Group of Bermuda’s .NET User Group, they’re currently looking for volunteers to develop the group further. They can be contacted at info@dnug.bm.

You can find more information and register here.

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