.NET User Group Pushes New Boundaries

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Nova's Managing Director, Sandra De Silva co-founded the local .NET User Group and continues to be a driving force behind it.  Nova are pleased to see the group continuing to grow and develop.

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A small group of individuals have come together to create a ‘.NET Users Group’ – this is a not for profit organisation with the sole focus of advancing the .NET [a Microsoft software development framework] skills of people on the island.

The group are putting on an event about ‘Developing for iOS with Objective-C’. iOS is the platform of the iPad and iPhone. Although these aren’t Microsoft devices, the group feels it’s time for some variety.

“Mobile devices and applications have for some time been commonplace in our personal lives and now increasingly in our working lives too,” explains .NET User Group President, Sandra De Silva. “As a group we’re focused on Microsoft technologies but since Apple have taken the market share in this arena we felt it was important as a group to understand the options and alternatives out there.”

The speaker will be Michael Branco who aside from being a Justice of the Peace and Deputy Chairman of the One Bermuda Alliance is also the CEO of Fireminds, a locally based company offering independent technology consulting services.

Mr Branco shared, “We’ve seen a huge growth in requests around mobile application development from customers and there is huge potential in the Bermuda market, thus I am happy to share my insights on iOS development using Objective C and also discuss some of the new features in iOS 6.”

For readers wanting to join the group or attend the session they can get more information here. The event is to be held on Wednesday 12th September, 5:30-8pm.

The group was launched last year and now has over 400 members and regularly hosts free training and knowledge sharing events. The events and participation to date have qualified Bermuda’s .NET User Group to be a member of Ineta, the overarching group supporting .NET groups worldwide.

Ms De Silva explains, “We’re delighted the work of the team and the support of the local .NET community has been recognised by Ineta. There are a lot of very talented developers in Bermuda, so while we’re small in numbers, there’s a lot of great experience among the community and it’s great to have this group as a vehicle to share it.”

If you’d like to join the Core Organising Group of Bermuda’s .NET User Group, they’re currently looking for volunteers to develop the group further. They can be contacted at info@dnug.bm.

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