Nova selected for Database Consolidation for Bermuda Property Catastrophe Reinsurer: Case Study

The Solution

Nova completed a series of stakeholder interviews to compile a list of functional and technical requirements which were reviewed and agreed upon with the company executive. It was important that any solution met both current and future needs, to both allow easy growth and maximise the investment. Therefore the new platform needed to be robust and scalable to cope with the increasing demand, flexible to adapt to new challenges and circumstances and within a framework that made it easy to do on-going refinements. Transitioning the applications to a .NET platform using the Nova methodology was agreed as the best approach.


Nova designed a single solution to replace the use of three previously key applications. This bespoke and integrated solution managed their modelling, underwriting and portfolio management. Six databases were consolidated into a single central repository allowing the Client to benefit from a significant increase in overall system performance and efficiencies due to data and system consolidation.

The close working relationship allowed Nova to make suggestions to streamline the workflow and the whole project delivered a significant reduction in manual processes.

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