Nova welcomes new intern, Kim

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Kim has been working at Nova for about 6 weeks now, so we thought it was time to promote her hard work!  Although she has limited development experience, her enthusiasm, commitment and attention to detail caught our eye and we’re delighted to have her with us.

Hear her experience about how she's getting on;

“In 2012 I attended the TLF Networking event with 2 goals in mind; find a mentor and land an internship that I can start right away.  I’m normally a shy person but I knew this was no time to sit in a corner and spectate. When the time came, I mingled with people and made my 2 goals clear to them.

I thought I had spoken to everyone, so I left the event.  When I was in the elevator I noticed someone that was at the event that I had not spoken with.  It was Michelle Crawford, the Business Development Manager for Nova.  I spoke with her about my 2 goals and gave her my resume.  Later that afternoon she contacted me to let me know that Nova was considering me for an internship to start in January. Then she called me back later to say that Toby Crawford, one of the Nova senior developers, was willing to be my mentor!  I then met with Sandra DeSilva, Managing Director & Chief Architect of Nova and she gave me valuable information and suggested educational paths for me to assess.

I started at Nova in January and it has been GREAT!  It has opened my eyes to what Web Development is all about - it’s much more than just creating pages and content.  It’s necessary to consider how the solution is architected, the tools you use, the user experience, the functionality you can incorporate to add value…. and so much more!  I’ve been able to sit in on Lunch ‘N’ Learns, got guidance from various staff members when using new programs and have access to amazing learning tools.  Recently, I thought that it would be a great experience to be dropped in the middle of Spain and be forced to learn Spanish.  This experience at Nova feels like that and I love it! It’s been a quite a challenge but the working knowledge I have gained has been great.

I’d taken courses online in HTML and CSS and I’ve been able to use it for different projects.  But this experience has shown me there’s much more to learn.  I’m continuing with online courses but I intend to attend Bermuda College in the Fall of 2013 to expand my knowledge of Web Development.  I’m looking forward to the continuous learning that is required in the field of Information Technology.”


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