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Nova has for a long time, put resources and effort into developing local software development talent.  Surprisingly (to us!), there hasn’t been a huge interest in this fascinating and challenging career option.  Thankfully, things have been changing over the last couple of years and this year started to surge!

Nova supports the Technology Leadership Forum (TLF) which is an excellent programme for aspiring technologists to get some real world experience to complement their education.  We’d recommend everyone interested in this field take a look.  At the latest TLF networking event there were some people who heard about the event at the very last minute so we’ll be reminding people year-round so that doesn’t happen again!  This is such a great programme.  And great news for us at Nova is the growing interest in software development rather than the historically popular hardware and networking.  This is very exciting times!

We’re delighted to have a former TLF student (and a previous Nova intern!), Matthew Coelho return.  He’s been with us two weeks and is already busy and involved with a variety of projects and initiatives.  Great to have him back and you can expect to hear from him on here shortly about how he’s getting on!  In June we’ll be joined by our second intern, Nathaniel Faries – we can’t wait to swell the numbers in ‘intern corner’!  We had other great candidates apply though so we’re working hard to secure support to take on further interns….it’s a big commitment for Nova but we couldn’t resist when we saw so much great talent!

Getting relevant work experience makes such a difference to both your CV and your knowledge.  Tomorrow's developers please don’t under-estimate this and get involved with TLF or approach companies like Nova direct to get your career started.  We’d love to hear from you.

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