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Credit: Don Burgess, Bermuda Sun

Nova hires three IT interns

This isn’t MTV, but it is Real World Bermuda.

Three interns at software development company Nova are getting practical business experience.

Nova has been able to partner with the National Training Board to be able to offer this professional opportunity to Matthew Coelho, Sundai Smith and Nathaniel Faries.

Michelle Crawford, business development manager at Nova, told the Bermuda Sun: “As a small company this is a large overhead but it’s been made possible by contributions from the National Training Board (NTB).  I feel this is a great example of government and local business coming together to help develop local talent.

“This is a skill set that’s been missing from young Bermudians so historically we’ve needed to recruit a lot of non-Bermudians to meet demand.  We’re therefore delighted to see the up-turn in interest in this field and are pleased to be helping develop their skills.

Mrs Crawford added: “In addition to the structured and planned activities, previous interns have commented on enjoying being integrated in a software development team, being part of a company focused on the same interests as them and getting a sense for what their future jobs could be like.”

Mr Coelho is doing his second internship with Nova.

“I’m getting to learn and expand on what I learned the first year.”

Last year he was grounded in the C Sharp programming language.

“I want to get a more in-depth understanding of it — the back end of the system, the data base behind it and how everything interconnects.”

He said getting real world experience helped him with his programming work at Dalhousie University.

“I got work on a real big project. I got knowledge of how to do things professionally, not academically.”

Mr Coelho says he’ll have an advantage after he graduates over students who don’t have any real world practical experience.

“I have a year left at university and after I graduate I’ll probably do an MBA. Working at Nova, I’ve heard a lot of business talk — they do a lot of work with insurance and reinsurance companies — so I want to get the programming experience in my undergrad and the real world experience here, then get the theory knowledge and bring that all together and back to Nova.”

Mr Smith, who is a second year student at the University of Dundee, said he has always been interested in software programming and development.

“I’ve been doing IT stuff all my life but I’ve never worked in a professional environment in terms of applications. When I met Michelle at one of the TLF (Technology Leadership Forum), I mentioned I was interested in it.

Problem solver

“I like the problem solving aspect of software development.”

Mr Smith added working in a professional environment has been useful.

“I’m learning the tools of the trade, the tricks and how to programme in C Sharp.”

He is hoping after he graduates to get a job in software development.

Mr Faries just finished his second year at McGill University. He said: “Academically, this isn’t going to help too, too much but the professional experience of working in a company and doing codes is very useful At school we only do small applications learn different aspects of algorithm designs… none of the big projects that we do here.

“I’m getting real world experience of working at a company, seeing how it works. I’m seeing how some of the things I’ve learned at university come together as we do the bigger projects.”

Mr Faries hopes that after he finishes school he’ll work in a field dealing with artificial intelligence.

“That has applications in many different areas but with the business they do here, they need it to be able accurately predict models. I’d like to do more of that, but I’m not sure where I’ll end up.”

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