Upcoming Tech Seminar With Tiberiu Covaci

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Nova are active supporters of the local .NET user group and are pleased to announce the return of a previous speaker Tiberiu Covaci.

Bringing thought leaders and subject matter experts to Bermuda isn't always easy, however local technology group - .NET User Group [DNUG) -  isn't letting that stop them as they have technology at their disposal.

DNUG President Sandra De Silva explains, "I've known Tiberiu Covaci [pictured] for some time and have a lot of respect for his skills. He was kind enough to host a session last year and it was incredibly well received.

"I was sad to hear he was to leave Bermuda as he's been a great asset to the technical community but he reassured me he'd still like to support DNUG so we decided to use the internet to allow Tiberiu to run a session remotely, so the group doesn't miss out."

A spokesperson said: "The group are still keen to bring peers together for the seminar to encourage debate and discussion. The October event was lively and there was as much communication from the audience as the presenter which is what the group want to build on.

"Tiberiu's session will be about asynchronous programming for web applications. Many people will be familiar with the experience of poor performance and responsiveness when using the internet.

"It's very frustrating but thankfully some bottlenecks can be addressed using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It can be a little complex so the group are pleased to have an expert such as Tiberiu guide them through it.

"Tiberiu is currently a Senior Trainer & Mentor at Falafel Software but he started his development career over 20 years ago and for the majority of that time has been working almost exclusively with Microsoft technologies and platforms. While in Bermuda he worked for Nephila Capital and he's had a varied career before that as an independent trainer, mentor and collaborator with Microsoft.

"He's particularly passionate about teaching, since it gives him the opportunity to influence future .NET programmers. With Microsoft, he works closely as an author, technology reviewer, and early content trainer for the new courses as well as being an active member of the .NET community. For his contributions to technical computing, he was awarded an MVP (Microsoft Valued Professional) last year.

The event is being held on Thursday 15th November, 5:30-8:00pm and is open to all. You can find more information and register here on their website.

The event is offered for free thanks to the kind generosity of sponsors Argus, Burrows and Lightbourn, Buzz, Nova and Vertigo who have all contributed this this event.

If you'd like to join the Core Organising Group of Bermuda's .NET User Group, they're currently looking for volunteers to develop the group further. They can be contacted at info@dnug.bm

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