Business Intelligence

The term ‘Business Intelligence’ is used to describe a wide variety of projects and initiatives.  Inevitably with a re/insurance and finance customer base, we deal with large amounts of data and are required to produce analysis and reports on a daily basis, transforming and integrating data with appropriate systems.  These are core skills for the team which they do on a daily basis.


For a Business Intelligence project that goes deeper, there’s a whole new level of information that can be gleaned to help your business make decisions.


Nova can work with you to understand your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and the data you need to analyse progress.  We then work to develop systems which provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations to support better decision-making.  Overseen by a Business Intelligence Consultant, we use a combination of Business Analysts and Software Developers to meet your objectives.


Typical outputs can include dashboards and scorecards which provide at-a-glance information about business performance across the enterprise with the ability to drill down into the data that supports this.