Our Approach

Nova believes there’s a lot more to producing a good solution for our customers than being great developers.  Technology is constantly evolving so we take the time to keep up to date.  And even then, that’s not enough.  We passionately believe it’s the way we approach a project that differentiates between simply ‘doing a job’ and excelling to produce something that really makes a difference to our customers;

  • Nova works to a proven methodology to deliver the best results for our clients in the most efficient manner
  • We put an emphasis on quality, knowing our clients need to rely on our solutions to run their business
  • We’re not complacent having a wealth of re/insurance and financial market experience but instead take time to keep up-to-date with trends and developments

It’s difficult to pick a word that best sums up Nova.  We are hard-working but fun-loving.  We are family orientated… but our ‘family’ extends from home to the office and then off to our client’s sites – we want to look after them all!  Most of all though, we think we’re geeks!