SharePoint has the potential to be a highly strategic tool, bringing efficiencies to your business and creating a highly collaborative environment which is ideal for driving business decisions.  At Nova we are excited by the possibilities SharePoint creates by closely entwining people and technology.  We’d love to help you explore your options.

Nova offers flexible consultancy options so regardless of where you are on your SharePoint journey, we can bring value and fresh ideas.

Where are you on your SharePoint journey?
Are you just starting out and gathering information?

Well, it’s certainly easier to do that with an experienced local partner rather than wading through all the information that’s out there on your own.  We’d be glad to help.

Are you using SharePoint but need some more resource and ideas to really make the most of it?  

SharePoint can be relatively easy to get started with but working with a consultant who has in depth knowledge and experience on a variety of other projects can help transform your ideas.  We’d love to hear from you to share some ideas.

Are you confidently using SharePoint but would like a second opinion?  

Even for someone with advanced SharePoint skills, it’s always good to tap into a broader set of skills and experience for a second opinion and the team at Nova can offer that.  We can focus on something specific or review your implementation and offer suggestions for improvements, how to avoid future pitfalls or ensure you stick to best practices.

SharePoint Services Datasheet

You can also follow these links to find out more about our SharePoint Training option and SharePoint Roadmap Workshop.